Basic Lips Painting Steps


1. Color Scheme

Before I start I first create a color scheme for which I will be using throughout the painting.



2. Rough Sketch

I first fill the background with a base skin color and then using my custom sketch brush I roughly draw the shape of the lips.


3. Rough Color and Form BlockingThen I start roughly building the form of the lips with a basic hard-edged round brush. While also blocking in basic color and shadow.

4. Rough Lighting

Next I start roughly blocking in some light to this image. I decide that my light source will be coming from above and will be a cool light so for the highlights I choose a very light pale blue.

5. More Lighting

Now still using the basic round I start refining the shape of the lips and building the form even further with light and shadow.

6. Color Blending

Now I take a custom spotted brush with a low opacity and start blending the colors while shaping and refining the lips further.



7. More Blending

I then take a custom textured round brush with a low opacity and do a bit more blending.


8. Final Blending and Softening

I do the final blending with a soft edged brush and also use the blur tool a bit until I am happy with the result.